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You never know when a simple conversation becomes a tipping point for your life. Years before my friend Scott became my mentor; he was a fellow Marine. We collaborated on work projects, and through the grapevine, I heard that Scott was pursuing a law degree at night. Later on, fate brought us together again after we both retired from the Marines and worked together with Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. During our time there, I appreciated and respected his knowledge and confidence in legal matters. We worked together on various projects over the years, and Scott approached me on pursuing a law degree. That question changed the narrative of my career path. The lesson that I discovered is that it is necessary to keep learning. Just merely starting with a little step results in accomplishing considerable, impactful outcomes for your life.

I am not afraid of a challenge and when I decided to pursue a law degree at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, I was up for the task. This career change was not something that I took lightly as the drive behind the “why” for my venture is to serve others. Scott guided me throughout the requirements and encouraged me during each step. I went on to graduate with honors and finished the bar exam on the first try five years later. For each personal goal, I do what is required to be successful and to achieve the objectives that I set for myself. A 2018 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, I am now an Estate Planning and Elderly Care lawyer in the San Diego area.

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" My wife and I were looking for a Excellent Estate Planning attorney with good knowledge of Federal Retirement and other related matters as we have young kids. Paul was recommended to us through a friend familiar with this type of situations. No every lawyer has this type experience as we learned after interviewing a couple of lawyers. We also learned that you have to be willing to pay to get a good lawyer that prepares these type of documents to insure meets all the state and federal law and requirements. Paul was very professional, pleasant, easy to work and answered every questions we had. We were impressed of how meticulous he was on all the documents we needed. In addition, he provided us clear understanding on specific matters, sound advice on what would be appropriate and confidence that allow us to make the right decisions for our particular situations. He work extremely efficient to have documents prepared on the dates we agreed and was always available for any questions or concerns we had. I summary, Paul is excellent lawyer we hired and he prepared and file all the documents to our satisfaction. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent Estate Planning lawyer. "
" I asked Paul to revise my parents' wills, healthcare directives, and powers of attorney as my father was placed in hospice care. Paul completed all documents and had my parents signing the documents within 48 hours. His professionalism and responsiveness were exceptional. My family is so grateful for his assistance and support. I recommend Paul to anyone that would like prompt, professional support for their estate planning needs! "
Robert Ehnow
" Paul was very professional and accommodating throughout the complex process of getting our Will and Trust created. He was very patient with us while we were sorting things out, and helpful in navigating the legalese. We found the price for the services to be very reasonable. I highly recommend Paul. "
Ira Gert
" Paul was able to help us although I we were unable to be in California. His communication and service was excellent. His assistance in completing our task in a timely manner while overcoming the roadblocks during the pandemic were fantastic. "
Charles Dempsey
" He helped me out of a jam with EASE!!! I was absolutely shocked by his level of knowledge!!! I will be using him for legal services from now on!!! Highly recommended!!! Hire him with peace of mind knowing your goal will get accomplished with his help!!! "