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Depending on your needs, securing the right estate planning documents is essential to give your family the support that they during those difficult months. No matter the size of your estate, do not assume that once you pass away, your assets are handed to your spouse or family members. By allowing yourself to pass away without the proper documents in place, you, in essence, are giving the state of California the power to make those decisions for you. Change the narrative and create an Estate Plan that reflects your wants and takes care of your family.

Whether you are just starting or needing to revise your past documentation, I can help you with your estate for both medical and financial decisions, especially for those who are incapacitated and need that representation. Let me provide you legal guidance when times are hard.

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 Areas Of Practice 

Sometimes, there are unforeseen circumstances that require preparation – specifically, those that need experienced legal guidance and advocacy. A determined professional, I devote time to researching decisions and commit to providing clients well-grounded legal advice. You will receive precise, resolute estate planning to offer you the peace of mind that you deserve regarding the future of your assets. My goal is to give all of my clients’ exceptional legal services with an aggressive approach to complete the process in a cost-efficient manner. When I handle your case, you will be represented by someone efficient and fearless but tempered with sound judgment. Your needs are essential, and I provide a listening ear and additional guidance on the steps needed for probate after the death of a loved one. Know that I will fight for you when difficult situations arise and can provide legal insight when you need it most. Have the confidence that in hiring the right attorney, I will offer you the commitment to help you with your case. With the most exceptional quality legal services, I strive to provide a personal touch to all my client’s cases through straightforward work that is hands-on and client-centered.


From my past experiences with the elderly, infirmed, disabled veterans, and children with disabilities, it is important to me that my work is welcoming and inclusive to all. With a diverse background, I can offer estate planning that protects the assets of Special Needs Clients. My skills can address your needs and maintain what is most important to you while avoiding potential financial mistakes for your loved ones. Together, we will preserve what you’ve built over a lifetime with ease and will get the job done. Let me help you, or someone you know protects their family while preserving their future legacy.

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